The Hateful Death


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released October 28, 2016

Tracked by Colton Jean | Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Michael Scott | Featuring Zane Kelly on Nihil



all rights reserved


SLEDGE Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: The Hateful Death
I have my hands wrapped tight around the throat of my world.
I squeeze until it chokes deep into bloodshot eyes.
I abuse with fever, until the life that thrived starts leaving.
Now how does it feel to take this fucking beating?
Track Name: Nihil
I feel it clawing, bleak,
The end that begs inside of me.
Force fed, I'll strangle,
I choke on my anxiety.
Nothing is all I see.
Existence: thin.
Tear at my seams.
I shudder at what's underneath.
My body aches of no reprieve.
Deny myself,
Rejecting who I am inside.
I am the reason I live,
I am the reason I die.
Please kill the sick in me.
Just kill the sick in me...
I feel it eating at me,
I'm starving on the days that just pass.
I hope to god that when I die,
Everything just goes black.
Just shut off everything.
I don't want to feel anything.
By consciousness exhausting me,
I embrace this bare finality.
Deny my hell,
Rejecting purpose urged inside.
I am the reason I live,
But I'm the reason I die.
I feel life wearing into waste.
Destroy my temple,
Throw my body to the burning fire.
Dead is all we're meant to be.
Just kill the sick in me.
Track Name: Spiral
And ever since I was a child,
I'd flirt with urge to be final.
Wring the filthy fucking throat of my world.
It all ends on this downward spiral.
Impulses build up inside me,
Every feeling that I'm used to denying.
My nerves go numb and my head dips back into the swoon.
Precious life, I feel it crawl through the place in my head where I kill us all.
Gone in an instant is all we could be.
This is it.
My world becomes the product of me.
I try so hard to stay, but it's not letting me.
It pulls me under.
Why are you afraid that we die the same but live to suffer?
Not a soul is safe.
They will know my pain.
End everything now, cause you die the same, you mother fucker.
And ever since I was a child,
I'd flirt with urge to be final.
Wring the filthy fucking throat of my world.
It's all mine on this downward spiral.
Track Name: Malaise
I ache, so dull.
I feel it, numb, in the front of my brain.
My anger pounds.
Anxiety hums.
I'm frail from the way I think.
I feel so desensitized.
Break the skin,
And rupture the skull.
I rummage through my frontal lobe.
I tear through lesions and tumors bleed,
But I'll drain the sick inside of me.
Blinded by anguish.
Sewn shut by hate.
I am,
The great big empty, embodied by hell.
I burn with bitter in every cell.
A bastard child, a son of a bitch.
Strip me from my mind.
Allow me to be free.
This malaise is fucking rigorous.
I spurn my suffering.
I'm calloused, and resentful.
There is a mass inside my head...
A hateful cancer,
A vicious, never ending strain...
Beating in my mother fucking brain.
Track Name: Scourged
Mind scorched.
Forever, I burn.
I let my eyes roll back into my psyche.
A black that nurtures hell burns in my mind.
I'm fixed onto a hate I can't unsee.
I'm maimed by my malignant memory.
I wander off into my dark.
I beat myself until I'm bruised and bare.
I try to kill the way I think.
I'm searching for a soul that isn't there.
Scourged Spirit.
Frayed nerve, dead verve.
Erase me, birthless.
My sense of self: Severe and fucking worthless.
Beat to shit.
My consciousness, a prison.
Surrendered soul.
I crave for catharsis.
I scream and I spit.
I lash out in malice, as I force back vomit.
I lick the penance off my lips when they bleed.
I claw at my throat when I gag on the hell in me.
Dim the senses of body and mind,
Until there's nothing left but my...
Scourged Spirit.
Mind fucking scorched.
Forever, I burn...